Here’s what other people have been saying about FINDING CLEVELAND and the FINDING CLEVELAND EXPERIENCE.

I want to thank Baldwin and Larissa for sharing this incredible story.  It is so important to be able to tell the stories of immigrants that made America. I can’t wait to see part two!”

Congresswoman Judy Chu, US House of Representatives

“Understanding our unique heritage as Asian Americans increases our sense of identity and mission. The blend of a heart-moving personal documentary, powerful and pensive musical presentations, and a stimulating Q&A session with the audience combined together for a memorable evening that prompted us to consider our own personal story!”
Pastor Daniel Low, Bread of Life Church – Torrance, CA

“I just witnessed your wonderful performance at the [Chinese Historical Society of America] Museum and was bowled over by your professional performance. But it was “Finding Cleveland” afterwards that touched me deeply and moved me to tears. You did a masterful job capturing what it was like to discover that unique chapter in your family’s lineage. It promotes a stronger narrative as to our place in American history, that people like your grandfather and great-grandfather helped to make what America is today.”

Frank Yee, San Francisco, CA

“When we think early Chinese in America, we think building railroads and coming up after miners to pick up leftovers, but Mississippi?!?!  That’s a real fascinating story!”                                – Ken Fong, Host of Asian America Podcast

“IT IS POWERFUL. It moved me in a way I didn’t expect. I learned a lot about the history of Chinese in this country and their challenges.” 
Gary Davis, Mayor of Elk Grove, CA

‘This is an overlooked piece of the complex racial history of the United States. Finding Cleveland reveals stories of immigration, identity, race and ultimately answering the difficult question: ‘Who are we?'”  
Dr. Robert Voss, Professor of American History at Northwest Missouri State University

“I was moved to tears…and it was educational!”
– Faye Ong, California Department of Education

“On behalf of the Library, the Friends of South Pasadena Public Library and the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club, thank you both [Baldwin and Larissa] for screening your thought-provoking documentary, Finding Cleveland,  as well as your very entertaining and artistic musical performances. Your music complemented the event to the delight of the audience.”

– Steve Fjeldsted, Director of Library, Arts & Culture at South Pasadena Public Library

“The documentary by itself is worth seeing. However, it’s a multi-faceted, awe-inspiring, fun experience to share. You’ll love it for absolute certainty! A must witness! Bring family & friends too!”

– Phillip Tam, New York, NY

“It’s beautiful, so educational and deeply touching.”

– Karen Covell, TV Producer & Author